Ryanair – It Takes More than a Beard to Play Santa

You can’t blame a guy for trying!  Just in case you haven’t got the message that RYANAIR HAS CHANGED, lovable CEO Michael O’Leary donned a Santa beard and joined with staff from Ryanair bases across Europe to wish their customers a Happy Christmas and New Year.



In a separate video, also posted on Christmas Eve, he highlighted the steps they are taking to improve their customer experience, including their new website and a second free carry-on bag.



Of course, when compared to the generosity of Canadian airline Westjet, O’Leary’s Santa looks a little – well – shall we say, thrifty?  Which is what Ryanair is banking on.  O’Leary knows he needs to be nicer, but the bottom line is that millions will continue to fly Ryanair in 2014.  Why?  Because, as comedians Foil Arms and Hog remind us, we’re poor!



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