Netflix Offering Gift Cards For Christmas

Marvel's Jessica Jones starring  Krysten Ritter

Marvel’s Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter

Netflix has been investing heavily in producing original content over the last couple of years. One of its more recent offerings is Marvel’s Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter which has been receiving very positive reviews.

Now in the run-up to Christmas the company has announced the availability of gift cards, so that you can buy friends or loved ones access to the service. The cards, which are available via GameStop nationwide, come in 3 dominations:

  • €15
  • €25
  • €50

Depending on which plan they choose that equates to up to 6 months on their entry level plan at €7.99 / month.

The cards work a lot like iTunes gift cards, in that they will work as a “credit” on your existing account, assuming you have one.

You can find your nearest Game Stop here.

To redeem your gift card simply go to the special area of their site and enter its code.


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