The Sodshow’s Peter Donegan on Blogging, Broadcasting & Business [Video]

Peter Donegan never shuts up about gardening. It’s his business, of course, but that’s not enough for him.

If he’s not gardening, he’s blogging about gardening. And if that wasn’t enough he started a podcast with Brian Greene, that turned into a radio show: The Sodshow on Dublin City FM.

Now, people who should know better have begun inviting him to speak at gardening events all over the country. 😉 caught up with him recently at The Clare Garden Festival in Ennis.

Peter’s an award winning landscaper – and he’s also a great businessman. He knows that the product he is selling is himself, his expertise and his personality. Every garden is different and when you contract with a landscaper, you need to feel that this is someone you can trust, and with whom you can work creatively.

That’s why he puts himself out there, online, on stage, and on air.  “It’s not a hard sell”, he says. His portfolio of work is there for all to browse, but customers are more likely to be influenced by their overall impression than by a single job. His audience builds a relationship with him over time, and that sometimes turns into sales. is brought to you by Blacknight. Now offering New Top Level Domains!

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18 Responses to The Sodshow’s Peter Donegan on Blogging, Broadcasting & Business [Video]

  1. Peter June 27, 2014 at 3:00 pm #

    An honour as always Conn.

    legend. top man,

  2. Conn Ó Muíneacháin June 27, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

    My pleasure Peter 🙂 Come back soon!

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