Apple Most Phished Brand Says APWG

apwg-logoThe Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has released their Global Phishing Survey for the first 6 months of 2014 (PDF).

According to their research Apple is the most phished brand on the ‘net:

Apple’s brand and associated marques, such as iTunes and iPad, eclipsed perennial phishing target favorite PayPal with the computing device manufacturer enduring 21,951 of the 123,741 phishing reports sampled

PayPal was the second most phished brand, targeted in 17,811 attacks, or 14.4 percent of the half’s sample. The Chinese marketplace Taobao was third with 16,418 attacks, or 13.2 percent of the sampled attacks.

“As the world’s most valuable brand with a massive on-line user base, Apple has always been a phishing target, and with phishers concentrating more and more on online account takeover, consumers’ Apple ID’s are a tempting target,” said Rod Rasmussen, President and CTO of IID and the survey’s co-author.

“As Apple provides more services and devices tied to one’s Apple ID, including the just announced Apple Pay, it is no surprise that phishers are increasing their efforts to fool consumers into divulging their credentials, regardless of additional security measures Apple puts in place to protect their customers,” Rasmussen said.

Full release here.

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