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This photo released by Virgin Galactic shows a view of Earth from Virgin Galactic's rocket plane as it reaches an altitude of more than 54 miles during a test flight on Thursday, May 25, 2023. Virgin Galactic completed what's expected to be its final test flight Thursday before taking paying customers on brief trips to space. (Virgin Galactic via AP)

Virgin Galactic completes final test flight before taking customers into space

Virgin Galactic completed what is expected to be its final test flight on Thursday before taking paying customers on brief trips to space, marking what the space tourism company described as a “fantastic achievement” in what has been a long road to commercial operations. Six of the company’s employees, including two pilots, landed at Spaceport […]

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ESA gearing up for mission to discover if Jupiter’s moons can support life

A European spacecraft is about to embark on a 6.6 billion km journey to explore whether Jupiter’s ocean-bearing moons can support life. The six-tonne probe, named Juice (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), will be heading towards the solar system’s biggest planet carrying 10 scientific instruments, in what is the European Space Agency’s (ESA) biggest deep-space mission […]

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Call for ‘highway code’ to tackle space junk

Aerospace and satellite companies are urging governments around the world to adopt a “highway code” to tackle space junk. The Space Safety Coalition (SSC), an international organisation of satellite operators, aerospace companies and industry representatives, has published new guidelines to protect satellites orbiting the Earth from being damaged by space debris. In it, the coalition […]

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Scientists discover ultramassive black hole ’30bn times the mass of the Sun’

An ultramassive black hole around 33 billion times the mass of the Sun has been discovered by astronomers in the UK. Scientists from Durham University said the gargantuan black hole is one of the biggest ever found. The team described its findings, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, as “extremely […]

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Six massive early galaxies ‘challenge understanding of the universe’

Six massive galaxies discovered in the early universe are challenging what scientists previously understood about their origins. The galaxies are far bigger and more mature than anyone expected, in what was thought to be the dawn of the universe. Using the first data released from Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) last July, the scientists […]

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