Damien Names the Ones To Watch for 2014

mulleyIt’s an annual feature of the Irish blog world: Damien Mulley’s list of Ones to Watch for the year ahead.  It’s a list of people, not organisations, but it’s no surprise to see that it includes two of the team from Trustev – a startup which has recently featured on international business watchlists.  But if you read the list and think: who are these people; you’re missing the point!  You’ll learn nothing from a list of familiar names that simply validates your own assumptions.  Damien’s list is hardly exhaustive, but it’s his list and everyone on it is there for a reason.  And if you take a look back through his previous annual lists, you’ll see some names that have become more than familiar in 2014.

And if you’re still wondering whether to make a New Year Resolution, might I suggest Damien’s 2015 list as a worthy goal? 😉


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