Ellen's Oscar Selfie

Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Breaks Retweet Record

How many celebrities can you fit into a selfie? I don’t know about the record for the most famous faces in a tweet (there isn’t one) but this tweet from Ellen Degeneres at last night’s Academy Awards has beaten President Obama’s ‘4 more years’ for the greatest number of retweets.

It appears Ellen’s tweeting was sponsored by Samsung, a sponsor of the awards show which Ellen was presenting.  The Verge reports that she appeared to be using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  However, several people observed that she reverted to using her iPhone backstage.

There’s a nice post on the Twitter blog about the Oscars as they saw it, including a very innovative use of Vine by E!’s @redcarpet account, which they called, very appropriately, #FashionTurn:

And of course the parodies were quick off the mark:



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