Irish Government COVID Cert Basics

The Irish government has started issuing certificates to people who have been vaccinated.

If you were vaccinated via one of the HSE’s vaccination centres then you will receive your cert via email.

If you were vaccinated via a GP then you’ll get it in the post.

The emails are sent from:

The email subject line is:

Your EU Digital Covid Certificate

(If you’re a geek you might care that the emails are being via Amazon)

The email you get gives a basic overview of what the certificate is and how it’s an important document. It comes as a PDF which you can print out and fold, though people are being advised NOT to laminate it, as that could interfere with scanning the QR code.

The certificate itself contains key information about your vaccination status including which vaccination you’ve received, how many doses and when the last dose was administered.

The Irish government’s covid tracker app will be updated so that you can store your cert in it, though that update won’t be available for another week or two. In the interim this web service lets you save the cert onto your phone on both iPhone and Android. There’s also an Android app that does the job. Of course you can also save the PDF to your preferred cloud storage or offline on your device’s hard drive.

More official information on the digital certificate is available here.

There’s also a good “explainer” here.

While the certs have been made available in other EU countries since the beginning of the month Ireland has lagged behind by a few days due in part to the recent cyber attack against the Irish health service. It’s currently planned that international travel from Ireland will open up from July 19th and that these certificates will be used to ease the process, though each country will still be able to impose its own travel rules. More controversially the Irish government is currently working on using these certs to enable indoor dining, though the legislation to support this is still not finalised.


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