How Many Hours Do Irish People Actually Work?

Morgan McKinley have published the results of a survey of Irish working hours.

I’m not sure how accurate the results are, as the methodology wasn’t exactly scientific:

The Survey was carried out in September amongst 200 of Morgan McKinley’s clients in the areas of accounting & finance, financial services, tech, engineering, science and office support. Respondents were from all parts of Ireland and, with Morgan McKinley offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, were centred on these areas.

If the survey had been conducted by Dublin Chamber or the SFA it might have captured a broader cross-section of Irish business, but the results are still interesting..

According to the survey results:

  • 7 in 10 professionals work longer than their contracted hours with at half of these working at least an extra hour a day every day
  • One-sixth of all workers work an extra three months a year more than they are contracted to.
  • 75% of workers say their work-life balance is being impacted.
  • Irish professionals ‘switch off’: Almost half (44%) of professional workers do not use their mobile devices for work after leaving the office.
  • 60% feel they are more productive in the extra hours worked than in the normal work day.
  • Over one-third of employers now offer ‘working from home’ as an option.

And here’s a nice graphic representation of the survey:



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