Michele Neylon, Blacknight CEO

Michele Shares the Secrets of Social Media for Business [Audio]

Michele Neylon, Blacknight CEOFor our first audio podcast of 2014, Michele Neylon spills the beans on social media success for business. Blacknight is Ireland’s largest provider of hosting and domains – but it’s also a leader in the use of blogging and social media for business, winning numerous awards (and shortlisted) for online customer engagement in the last few years.

Now, as a new survey reveals that 20% of Irish companies have made social media a formal priority, Michele is making it his mission for 2014 to spread the word to Irish Business:

Adopt Social and Win Sales!

You can read more on The Blacknight Blog, and in this week’s podcast (29:01, 17MB, MP3) I ask Michele to elaborate further on Blacknight’s experience with blogging and social media. He’s quick to point out that traditional media is still a highly effective marketing tool, but it’s not enough by itself if a company has no social media presence. And ‘presence’ is the key word. Businesses need to engage and respond to their customers online, taking advantage of social media’s “two-way-street”.

Blacknight have wired social media into their customer support systems, using Zendesk to integrate the two. And there are many other tools which help businesses to engage with their customers online. Michele promises to provide further advice and tips here on Technology.ie in the months ahead. For now, his advice is to start small: see what others are doing; try a personal blog for a start. And remember: you will always be learning.

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