Adding films and shows to "my list" on Netflix

Netflix Adds Wishlist Feature

Netflix has finally launched a “wishlist” feature that they’re calling “my list”. As a regular Netflix user this is a very welcome addition. The feature will be available to Netflix Ireland and UK users as well as those in other markets.

One of my pet peeves while using Netflix is that there was no easy way to mark a show or film to watch later. The only way to “hack” around it was to play a few seconds of the show or film so that it’d appear in my “recently viewed” list.

With the addition of the “My List” feature across all platforms users will be able to easily mark items for viewing later.


The company recently added a feature which allows you to setup separate profiles for various members of your household so that your viewing suggestions aren’t “polluted” by other users on the same account.

Here’s how it should look on the Netflix website:

Adding films and shows to "my list" on Netflix

And here’s a nice simple video showing you how to do it:

I love the idea of how they’ll sort them based on my previous viewing:

“My List is another example of our on-going effort to improve the Netflix experience,” said Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt. “With My List, our members now have an easy way to remember TV programmes and films they discovered on Netflix to watch later.”
To add titles to My List, simply click “Add To My List” when viewing the details of a title on Netflix. After adding several titles, the unique Netflix recommendation technology will present those titles a member is most likely to want to watch up front.
Additional data makes My List more informative, initially on the website only but soon across devices. Annotations will highlight if new seasons are available for a TV series and a callout will appear if a title will soon no longer be available because streaming rights are set to expire.
Introduction of My List follows the launch of “Profiles”, another Netflix enhancement that provides multiple people in a household with an individual, personalised Netflix experience. Each profile will now also have its own My List.
My List is included at no extra cost in the Netflix subscription price. Rollout of My List starts today and all Netflix members worldwide will be able to enjoy it within the next two weeks.

I look forward to taking this for a test drive this evening 🙂


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