Google Glass Could be the Ultimate Sex Toy

There’s a scene in an episode of Black Mirror, where a couple is having sex.  In that fictional society, most people have an implant, called a ‘grain’, which records their every waking moment, and can replay any experience for the user, privately, ‘in their mind’s eye’.

It turns out that, while making love, both partners are watching replays of earlier, more passionate sessions in their relationship.

Google Glass is less ‘integrated’ than the fictional ‘grain’, but it’s the closest technology has yet come to a user interface which is unobtrusive enough to be worn during sex.  It’s often said that the most powerful sex organ is the brain.  If so – and the prevalence of fantasy and fetish would suggest that it is – then Google Glass could be the ultimate sex toy!

sexwithglassThat would appear to be the the idea behind Sex With Glass, a project which its creators claim originated “at a Wearable Tech Hackathon in London”.  The idea is that lovers wearing Glass can see from each others perspective, or by connecting a smartphone, from any vantage point they choose.  They call up any inspiring or stimulating images from any source they want.  And afterwards, they can review their ‘performance’!

The idea of User Generated Content is central in today’s Web, and figures like Cindy Gallop, founder of have promoted the idea of “real world sex” as an alternative to unrealistic porn.  And while the idea of documenting one’s sex life is anathema to many people, even the more adventurous can find they are inhibited, not by shyness, but by technology.

‘Sex with Glass’ could change that, although so far it appears to be little more than vapourware, and Google have yet to accept apps from developers for Glass.  But a free iPhone version is promised “soon”, and there’s a mailing list for further updates.

Hat tip: Jez Harper


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