Republic of Work founder DC Cahalane showed us around Republic of Work recently, and he explained why they call it an 'innovation campus'.

How Republic of Work Became an Innovation Campus [Video]

Donal ‘DC’ Cahalane is the founder of Republic of Work – the ‘innovation campus’ in the heart of Cork city which always has something going on. Recently it played host to Amplify Digital, the digital marketing training series, and I attended with the Blacknight crew at the IE Domain Registry stand.

After delivering the opening keynote, DC showed me around the facility, which includes a new audio studio opened just last month. The studio is available to podcasters and content creators of all types, as well as traditional broadcasters. National radio stations Newstalk and Today FM are partners in the facility, and broadcast regularly from it.

“We call it an ‘innovation campus’, because we got to the point a long long time ago where it wasn’t just about startup businesses here. Like, right now, probably well less than half of our businesses here are startups. We’ve a lot of US multinationals; we’ve a lot of large Irish corporates here … We’re a business community …

“They’re all interested in making their businesses better. There’s nobody in here interested in the status quo. So what you have is that the big guys feed off the energy of the smaller, more agile companies and the smaller more agile companies benfit from that kind of hard foundation that that big companies have”.

We had a wide-ranging conversation, covering many topics, so we’ve broken it down and we’ll bring you more from Republic of Work, and Amplify Digital in the weeks ahead.

As someone who works remotely, and on the move, I have to say I was impressed by Republic of Work, and I look forward to booking a desk the next time I’m in Cork. Visit their website to find out more, view the list of upcoming events, or book a tour of the facilities. is brought to you by Blacknight, the Irish leader in domains, hosting and cloud services. Our Big Sale is on now!

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