Snapchat to allow username changes for the first time

Snapchat is to allow users to change their username for the first time, with one change a year allowed for those on the social media platform.

The app said the ability to alter a username had been one of the most requested features from its community.

Snapchat said users would be able to change their in-app username once a year to any unclaimed handle that has not been used in the past.

Snapchat username change tool
Snapchat users can change their handle once a year (Snapchat/PA)

It said it hoped it would be an important tool for trans and non-binary users, as well as those who have changed the way they use the app since it launched in 2011.

The feature will be available to all Snapchat users on both iOS and Android, the company said.

Those wanting to change their username can tap on the Bitmoji icon in the top right corner of the camera then select settings in the top right corner of the profile page, select the Username option and then Change Username.

Once a name has been changed, users will be asked to log back into Snapchat to finalise the process.

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