Twitter Release Stats On Engagement During UK Election

Today was polling day in the UK general election, so social media had its part to play.

While Facebook rolled out a feature which allowed users to indicate whether they had voted or not, Twitter was tracking some of the trends being explored on the platform.

So what happened?

(NB: these numbers are supplied by Twitter)

So far today (and polling is only closing in the next hour) there have been over 1.3 million tweets in the UK on the elections.

The breakdown by party was:

  • Labour – 43%
  • Conservatives – 30%
  • UKIP – 12%
  • SNP – 10%
  • Green – 3%
  • Lib Dem – 2%

A lot of users indicated that they had cast their vote using the hashtag #IVoted – over 100 thousand tweets were tracked using that hashtag in the UK.

If you’re into visualisations Twitter have produced a very slick one here.


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