Voting Opens On IIA Net Visionary Awards

Voting is now open on the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2012.

The voting period closes on September 4th, with the awards ceremony taking place on September 28th in the National Gallery of Ireland.

This year’s categories are:

Best Digital Marketing by an Online Trader that makes customers love your brand!
Best International “we’ll conquer the world” Irish Technology Business
Best Mobile Service or App for fast moving people
Best “someone who really gets it” Professional Services Advisor to techies
Bravest and Best “Brick to Click” Business
Most Creative Use of Social Media for compelling customer engagement
Most Insightful and Intriguing Internet Innovation
Most innovative and cutting edge Web Developer (individual or agency)
Most “joyous to look at and splendid to use” Web Design
The most indispensable Cloud Service for SMEs
This is the “One to Watch” Internet Start-Up of the year
“The Very Best Place to Start” Incubator or Support for internet start-ups


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