Youth Defence Site Hacked

While the abortion debate in Ireland isn’t technology related, this story is .. is the site of an organisation (Youth Defence) described as:

an Irish organisation that opposes legalisation of abortion. It was founded after the 1992 X case established abortion rights in the case of the mother’s life being at risk. It shares offices with Catholic Euroskeptic group Cóir, and other closely related anti-abortion groups (Life Institute,, the Pro-Life Alliance).

However its site is currently under someone else’s control with the site’s content replaced by a lot of text.

In other words the site has been hacked AND the hackers obviously did so to send a political message

Here’s a sample screenshot:


From a cursory external examination it looks like the domain’s nameservers have not been changed and the domain is still under the organisation’s control.

One would assume that they’ll put up a holder page or similar later this morning..


The defaced site has been taken offline and replaced with holding page from Tibus:



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