How Many Hours Do Irish People Actually Work?

Morgan McKinley have published the results of a survey of Irish working hours. I’m not sure how accurate the results are, as the methodology wasn’t exactly scientific: The Survey was carried out in September amongst 200 of Morgan McKinley’s clients in the areas of accounting & finance, financial services, tech, engineering, science and office support. […]

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MoonWatch with Powerful Telescopes in Dublin November 6

To mark National Science Week, Astronomy Ireland is setting up some of the most powerful telescopes in the country to show the Moon closer than most people will ever see it in their lives. Everyone in Ireland is invited to the event at Astronomy Ireland’s Headquarters in Dublin on Thursday November 6th at 7pm. The MoonWatch […]

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CitySense Project is Launched to Measure the Health of Dublin City

Internationally recognised Irish research and industry partners have announced the launch of the CitySense Project in Dublin city. A proof of concept project, an ‘urban nervous system’ will use sensor technology to measure everyday atmospheric conditions and how they impact on people. Members of the public will have the opportunity to win a mountain bike by […]

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Domhnall Gleeson Stars in Ex_Machina

Domhnall Gleeson is set to play the lead role in the upcoming sci-fi movie Ex_Machina. What’s the movie about? Artificial intelligence, which isn’t exactly a new topic for Hollywood, but one that has been getting an increasing amount of attention over the last few years (just look at some of the big releases over the […]

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Tim Cook Comes Out: “I’m Proud to be Gay”

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has publicly declared that he is gay, in an editorial published today in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. #455048252 / He writes that he has been “open with many people” about his sexuality for many years, but that coming from “humble roots”, he doesn’t seek to draw attention to himself. However, he says that he […]

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Ryanair Updates Mobile App for Improved Booking

Ryanair has launched the latest update to its mobile app, making it easier for customers to browse, book, check-in, board and fly. The Ryanair app, which is available to download in both iPhone and Android formats, allows customers to: Log in with their ‘My Ryanair’ profile Search Ryanair’s 1,600 low fare routes Make quicker flight bookings […]

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Irish Company owns iWatch Trademark in Europe

#455056638 / Why didn’t Apple call their new wearable device the iWatch? One possible reason is that the trademark iWatch was already registered and owned by an Irish company. When Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the Apple Watch last month, he broke with long-standing convention in Apple product naming which dates back to the introduction of the iMac […]

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