Irish Viral Video Humour is Serious Business

So we’ve had the Americans Taste Irish Snacks video from Buzzfeed. Now watch Irish people return the compliment.   Same idea, all the way down to the brick-wall background. So is it a success? Well it’s got almost a million hits so far, and they’ve gone on to do Tourists Try to Translate Irish Slang and Tourists […]

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Eggs and embryos are frozen using liquid Nitrogen

Facebook, Apple Freeze Employee Eggs For Free

Facebook and Apple are offering an extraordinary perk to female employees: they will pay to freeze and store the women’s eggs to assist with family planning. One in six couples experience fertility issues at some point in their lives, and the factors are about evenly split between male and female. However, one factor affecting women is […]

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Nobody Puts Charlie in the Corner

I love Dirty Dancing. Cut out all the music and dancing and it doesn’t work as a movie. Cut everything else out and you’ve pared it down to its elements. On a basic, primal level it’s all about the moves, the body language, the awkward kid carrying a watermelon, transformed into the graceful and beautiful dancer in the […]

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Lockheed Claims Breakthrough on Nuclear Fusion [Video]

Scientists at defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin have announced that they are working on perfecting small nuclear fusion reactors which could be ready for industrial use within 10 years. If true, it could herald an energy revolution, solve the climate change problem and defuse conflict over energy resources. Scientists have been talking about nuclear fusion for decades. […]

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Circuit Scribe Lets You Draw Working Circuits on Paper [Video]

This idea is astonishing in its simplicity – so much so that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Circuit Scribe is a product from ElectronInks, who developed a silver-based non-toxic ink that dries instantly and conducts electricity. Do you see the potential? Instead of drawing a circuit and then building it on a breadboard, you […]

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New Irish Stamps Commemorate Retro Game Icons

They used to be the latest in new technology: now they are icons of our heritage and culture. An Post have issued a new set of stamps commemorating: Space Invaders, PacMan, Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The old arcade hits Space Invaders and PacMan will raise a smile with a certain generation: I vividly remember the Space Invaders machine […]

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Netflix Earnings Dissappoint as HBO Announces Streaming Service

Netflix shares fell 26% percent yesterday as subscriptions faltered. The company said that their forecasts had not taken into account the full impact of the subscription price increase introduced by the company earlier in the year. That impact was not felt until Q3, they claimed because of “the large positive reception to Season Two of Orange is the […]

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The ‘Old Reliables': Where Does the Tax Go? [Infographic]

Minister Noonan left the Old Reliables largely unchanged in this week’s budget, though he did add 40c to the price of 20 cigarettes. But how much is the tax on these items, and how is it spent? have produced an infographic to explain just that: The ‘Old Reliables’ is a term used to describe alcohol […]

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