Why ICANN’s Consensus Model Beats Politics [Video]

People unfamiliar with the workings of the internet sometimes express surprise at the idea that there is no-one ‘in charge’; and that so much depends on consensus. To those more familiar with politics than engineering, it may seem inefficient, but as ICANN’s Ombudsman Chris LaHatte explains, there are particular strengths to the consensus approach, inherent in ICANN’s multi-stakeholder model. “Often, if you just […]

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Outify.Me has a Passion for the Outdoors [Video]

Carlos Oleaga is passionate about outdoor adventure sports like hiking and rafting. So he created Outify.me as an online marketplace for people like himself. From Madrid he came to Web Summit in Dublin, where we spoke to him.   It’s been a busy few weeks in the Irish tech scene. We’ve got lots more video on […]

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Twinsters: A Story of Nature and Nurture in the Internet Age

Twinsters is a story of the Internet Age. Identical twins separated at birth, adopted and brought up on different continents, Samantha Futerman and Anaïs Bordier would probably never have met if a friend of Anaïs hadn’t seen Samantha in a viral video on YouTube. From there it was a click to Samantha’s own YouTube account and […]

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.EUS Domain Names are About Basque Identity [Video]

.EUS is the Top-Level Domain for the Basque community (Euskara): a nation with its own language and culture, originating in a region of Northern Spain and Southern France. Launched in 2014, .EUS will celebrate its first anniversary next month. We met the CEO of the puntuEUS registry, Josu Waliño, at ICANN 54 in Dublin. He told us all about their […]

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Bank of Ireland Lays Down a Trackway for Startups [Video]

Bank of Ireland’s Innovation Team was out in force at Web Summit last week, promoting their new StartLab incubation programme. We spoke to their Entrepreneur-in-Residence Gene Murphy.   StartLab is an intensive six-month boot camp; the first one starts in Galway in January, and applications close on 27 November. Before that, however, there are a number of […]

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Internet Growth and IPv4 Depletion

The guys over at ARIN have produced an interesting graphic that tracks the history of the internet’s growth and IPv4 address depletion. Yes, we are all out of IPv4 addresses now .. Related articles ARIN IPv4 Free Pool Reaches Zero (arin.net) North America is COMPLETELY OUT of new IPv4 addresses (go.theregister.com) ARIN Finally Runs Out […]

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Radix Finds an Eager Audience for New Domains at Web Summit [Video]

Here’s the first of many videos we will bring you from Web Summit 2015. We spoke to Sandeep Ramchandani from Radix, the company behind some of the most tech’ and business friendly new Top Level Domains, including .TECH, .PRESS, .HOST, .WEBSITE, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE and .PW. Registries agree that part of their job involves educating a public still unfamiliar with the […]

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The Aston Martin DB10 revealed to James Bond (Daniel Craig) in Q's Workshop with Q (Ben Whishaw) in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions’ action adventure SPECTRE.

007 Gadget Overload

One of the things people enjoy about the James Bond movies are the gadgets. They’re usually supplied by Q (currently played by Ben Whishaw) and have captured audiences’ imagination for more than 50 years. Here are all of the James Bond 007 gadgets in one 16 minutes supercut. Enjoy!    

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That Night in Dublin at ICANN 54 [Video]

ICANN might be somewhat less glamorous than Web Summit – and certainly smaller – but its work is no less important, and probably more fundamental to the workings of the Internet. Last month, over 2,000 delegates attended ICANN’s first meeting in Ireland, ICANN 54 at the Convention Centre Dublin. Feedback from the event has been hugely positive, […]

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