IKEA parodies Apple with a ‘Holmes-Ginsbook Device’

Here’s a funny video from IKEA, introducing “a device so simple and intuitive, using it feels almost familiar”. The “device”? The IKEA catalogue. It comes with no cables and “eternal” battery life. The navigation is based on “tactile touch technology”- and there’s no lag. “Each crystal-clear page loads instantaneously, no matter how fast you scroll”. Isaac […]

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It’s Not a Good Time to be a Gatekeeper says Clay Hebert [Video]

Clay Hebert thinks gatekeepers are a good idea – but only up to a point: “I’m glad that there are gatekeepers for pilots and for surgeons, but in this entrepreneurial world – entrepreneurs and creative endeavours – we give the gatekeepers too much power” Clay sees crowdfunding as a challenge to the historic stranglehold of gatekeepers on creative projects, […]

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Kickstarter Comes to Ireland and, yes, you can use Irish

Thin Lizzy and Flann O’Brien. The Abbey Theatre and the Havok game engine. Dylan Moran and Dracula and the original Mr. Tayto. What are you going to create? Kickstarter, the New York based crowdfunding service for arts and creative projects has announced that it is now open to projects based in Ireland (and also Denmark, Norway and […]

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Social Messaging Apps Thriving, Latest Irish Survey Shows

Yesterday we published the Ipsos MRBI’s infographic of their latest Social Networking Quarterly Survey of Ireland. They also published the Social Messaging Quarterly Survey, with similarly interesting results. Of 1000 people aged 15 and over, 50% have a Skype account; yet only 7% of them use it daily. Viber, Whatsapp and Snapchat have all shown steady growth over the past […]

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Grúpcheannasaí Nuacheaptha na Gaeilge ag RTÉ, Rónán Mac Con Iomaire

RTE launch new Online Irish Language News Service [Podchraoladh]

(Tá podchraoladh i nGaeilge ar fáil in éineacht leis an alt seo. Cliceáil ar an seinnteoir thuas, nó tá sé le híoslódáil anseo: 20:40; 12MB; MP3) A new comprehensive online Irish language news service was launched today by RTÉ, as part of a range of initiatives arising from the report of its internal Irish Language Working Group which was published […]

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Facebook Flat but Dominant in Latest Irish Social Media Survey

61% of Irish people aged 15 and over have a Facebook account: more than twice the number on Twitter, its nearest rival at 29%. That’s according to the latest Ipsos MRBI Social Networking Quarterly Survey published today. Twitter membership is slightly ahead of LinkedIn and Google+, which both stand at 24%.  However, Facebook is streets ahead in another important metric, […]

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Kelly Hoey on Going Beyond “Check-the-Box” Diversity [Video]

Kelly Hoey is an angel investor and startup mentor based in New York. “Networks and relationships have just fueled what I’ve done”, she says, describing her background as an attorney and the path which took her into running a global network for businesswomen, launching a startup accelerator, and becoming CMO with Cuurio, a startup which helps brands to connect with innovative startups. In […]

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