Swams and Ducks swimming through Cong

Last Minute Accommodation Boost for Congregation in Cong

I just heard from Eoin Kennedy, organiser of the Congregation Social Media Gathering which is on tomorrow in Cong, Co Mayo. Blacknight are one of the sponsors of this event, which is free to enter: all you have to do is Blog Your Way In! Accomodation has been booked out for weeks in the village itself, although there was still […]

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Beautiful Ceramics Amplify Smartphones with No Wires, No Power

Smartphones are great but they’re not designed to fill a room with sound. Sure there’s a speaker, but turn on the kettle and you can forget about hearing it. BBC podcasts are the worst: they don’t use dynamic range compression and they allow about 8dB of headroom. That’s good practice for radio engineering, sure, but it’s useless when […]

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Scredible Uses Irish AI Research to Help You Be Socially Credible [Audio]

We reported on Scredible when it launched at Web Summit. It’s a single point, AI-driven solution that helps professionals build and sustain a trusted, socially credible brand. Scredible monitors trending online content, news, and connections of value. That information is then organised and ranked based on a subscriber’s profile and goals, before users are advised on what, when […]

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The Plight of Cats Trapped in a Folk Music Environment

Today’s Cat Picture of the Day (not actually a thing, but we could make it a thing – maybe – what do you think?) was shared by one of my all time musical heroes, who I recently discovered is as awesome on Facebook as she is in song. That’s Janis Ian, who’s already my number one source for […]

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Minister Bruton embarks on a Trade Mission … to Ireland

On first appearances it might seem odd that a government would send a minister on a trade and investment mission to its own country. But in the case of Ireland, it makes sense if you think about it. So many international companies have a European base in Ireland, there are real opportunities for further investment, and for […]

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Irish Online Shoppers Will Spend €22 Million On Cyber Monday

Visa Europe has revealed that Irish online shoppers are set to spend €22 million on Monday 1st December, the busiest day for online shopping this year, which has been dubbed ‘Cyber Monday’. This represents a 17% increase on last year’s figures. The card company is forecasting that there will be approximately one million eCommerce transactions […]

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Irish CEO Pitches Cool Baking Gadget in Scoble’s Kitchen [Video]

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers – and to the many people in Ireland and elsewhere who celebrate it too! Here’s a seasonable tummy-themed video from Robert Scoble’s Facebook, featuring an Irish CEO making muffins in Robert’s kitchen. Post by Robert Scoble.   “Cooking is an art, but baking is a science” explains Ben Harris, CEO […]

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