Gravitational Waves Bring a Whole New Way of Studying the Universe

It’s been described as the discovery of a lifetime, the announcement that scientists have observed gravitational waves caused by the collision of two black holes 10 billion light years away (and 10 billion years ago!) What’s all the excitement about? We’ve collected some videos to explain it all. First, scientists from Cardiff University splash around in a […]

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Walker - The Walking Dead _Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Amazon Is Prepared For A Zombie Apocalypse

Most people do not read the terms of service associated with the numerous services they sign up to. I know I don’t! But obviously some people have, or maybe Amazon’s legal team either have a sense of humour or way too much time on their hands .. Who knows? In any case the terms of […]

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INTERPOL’s Mick Moran On Safer Internet Day 2016

We’ve spoken to Mick Moran, head of INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation unit, a couple of times in the past about his work in law enforcement. Today being Safer Internet Day 2016 here’s a video of Mick talking about what law enforcement and INTERPOL in particular are doing around making the internet a safer […]

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What Do Businesses Care About?

We are currently in the midst of a general election campaign here in Ireland. The political parties and independent candidates and a variety of pressure groups and lobbyists are going to dominate the media (all of them) from now until the election day. But what do Irish businesses care about? What is their experience? As […]

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Valentine’s is Business as Usual for SME Spouses

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, The Blacknight SME Awards carried out a survey this week of the spouses and partners of SME owners. The results confirm that entrepreneurship can be challenging for couples, while family support is seen as an essential resources for SMEs. “If the people at home don’t believe in the project, they may as well call it […]

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Instagram Now Supports Switching Between Multiple Accounts

If you manage social media for a business or organisation being able to switch between the “official” account you’re working on and your own, private account is a key feature. Twitter’s native iOS app has supported multiple accounts for some time and Facebook’s allows page managers to switch around quite easily in both their desktop […]

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Michele Neylon, Blacknight CEO

The Blood and Sweat of Irish People [Audio]

Michele goes on something of a patriotic rant on this week’s podcast – well it is the centenary of the 1916 Rising. “Forget about these bloody multinationals who are set up over here and have absolutely no loyalty or ties to the country. What about the Irish companies built on the blood and sweat of Irish […]

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Joan Mulvihill, IIA CEO

IIA Invites Business to Participate in Ecommerce Research

The Irish Internet Association (IIA) is asking Irish businesses to participate in research designed to help the IIA advise Irish SMEs adopt best fit e-commerce solutions. The research powered by Qualtrics is now live. It builds on previous research carried out in 2015 by IEDR to highlight scale of the ecommerce gap in Ireland.  This highlighted […]

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