Hailo, the taxi app, is pulling out of North America

Is Hailo Going To Launch A Killer Feature Soon?

If you use Hailo, Uber or any of the other companies operating in the “ride sharing” space you’ve probably fallen in love with some features, but you might also have noticed some that are missing. A lot of my friends and colleagues use Uber and Hailo when we’re travelling. It’s simple. You fire up the […]

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Galway’s First Digital Summit is Sold Out

OMiG, Online Marketing in Galway’s first Digital Summit has been completely sold out, organiser Maricka Burke-Keogh has confirmed. Sponsored by Blacknight, the event will be held in the Ardilaun Hotel on Thursday next, 29 January. The list of speakers includes Hugh Linehan of the Irish Times; Lucy Campbell, Marketing Director of RTÉ Television and RTÉ Digital; Aidan […]

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Superb Ed Sheeran Cover – Sing [Video]

The Internet is bursting with music: not just chart-topping, X-Factor stuff, but amazing inspiring independent talent as well, much of it recorded in bedrooms like this one.   Her name is Mackenzie Johnson and she’s got plenty more like that on her YouTube channel, including both covers and original compositions (heard via Ennis Guitar School). Subscribed! We’re going to start featuring more […]

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Boards.ie Celebrates International Community Manager Appreciation Day [Audio]

Monday next, January 26, is International Community Manager Appreciation Day – yes – it’s a thing – and Boards.ie is joining other companies in Ireland and around the world in celebrating the work of community managers. Formed in 1998, Boards.ie is one of Ireland’s oldest and most successful online communities. Its CEO, Sean Coughlan, is my guest on […]

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TIDAL web player

TIDAL Brings Lossless HiFi Music Streaming to Ireland

TIDAL, the first High Fidelity lossless music streaming service with HD music videos and Curated Editorial, has just announced the availability of its service in Ireland. Billed as “the ideal music service for those who care about quality”, TIDAL boasts an extensive library of 25 million-plus tracks, 75,000 music videos, and curated editorial articles, features and interviews […]

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The Sopranos – If it Was in Dublin [Video]

This is for everyone who’s ever driven around with Woke Up This Morning playing in their heads, chomping a (real or imaginary) cigar. Digital Biscuit is the name of a 3-day international film and technology event being held in Dublin next week that aims to foster innovation and collaboration in film and television production. There’s an […]

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If ‘The Facebook’ Had Been Launched in 1995 [Video]

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004. That was a different world, and Facebook has played a part in shaping the world of today. But imagine if ‘The Facebook’ (as Zuckerberg originally planned to call it) had been launched in 1995.   Too young to remember 1995? It’s a parody of this real commercial for AOL.   Related articles Mark Zuckerberg […]

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Windows 10 Introduces ‘No Screen’ Holographic Interface

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, featuring greater integration across PC, Xbox and mobile devices, the Cortana speech interface and a new browser. They also demonstrated two new devices designed to take advantage of new interface features of Windows 10: the HoloLens holographic goggles and Surface Hub, an 84-inch screen with features to support working in groups. Windows 10 will be delivered […]

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Rosetta Mission inspires Music of the ‘Rubber Duck’

The Music of the Spheres is an ancient idea that there is a kind of universal music which is related to the movement of heavenly bodies like the Sun, the Moon and the planets. And although it turns out that Comet 67P, the focus of the Rosetta mission, is more of an ugly duckling than a perfect sphere, […]

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