Patrick Collison

Patrick Collisson joins Y Combinator as a Partner

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator programme based in Silicon Valley, has announced the addition of four partners, including Limerickman Patrick Collision, CEO of Stripe, who will join as a part-time partner. Patrick is a Y Combinator veteran, having brought two companies through the accelerator programme. A former winner of the Young Scientists Exhibition, in 2007 […]

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The Brave Entrepreneurs of Irish TV

Everybody is talking about Irish TV today, as the Mayo company announced its plans to launch a 24 hour TV channel on 1 May, aimed at the Irish diaspora, and promising to create 150 jobs in the process. But when I tuned in to Pat Kenny on Newstalk to hear founder Pierce O’Reilly tell his […]

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Deezer Launch Beta OSX Desktop Client

I’ve been playing around with Deezer for the last few months. While I was initially quite sceptical of the service, as I was very happy with Spotify, I’ve grown to really like it over the last few months. In common with other music streaming services, Deezer is available via the web and on mobile. Unfortunately […]

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Heartbleed: Graphic Of *Some* Passwords You Might Want To Change

There’s been a HUGE amount of media coverage of the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL this week and advice for users has been very mixed and at times quite confusing and even contradictory. Venturebeat published this graphic yesterday based on a Mashable article with a nice visual (via) of some of the affected (and unaffected) sites […]

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The Story Behind The Windows XP Wallpaper

The default “wallpaper” in Windows XP is probably one of the most viewed photos ever. You’ve probably seen it hundreds if not thousands of times, but was the photo real or merely the result of some clever photoshop work? Find out the real story behind the photo in this video where the photographer who took […]

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Ar Scáth a Chéile: A Community Rallies for Pádraig

Pádraig Schaler is a lovely guy. Anyone who knows him can tell you that. I got to know him online in 2006 when he was about 15. We were both exploring the possibilities which online social media, blogging and podcasting offered for the Irish language, and we encouraged each other and shared our experiences.  When […]

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