Party leader Micheal Martin after addressing the Fianna Fail annual conference at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Dublin. Picture date: Saturday November 4, 2023.

Irish deputy premier welcomes court order against Google over ‘misleading’ ads

Ireland’s deputy premier has welcomed a court decision to ensure he receives information from Google in relation to “misleading” ads shared online earlier this year.

Tanaiste and foreign affairs minister Micheal Martin took a case against the tech giant last week over ads that he said were “linked” to him.

On Thursday, he was granted the application he sought in court, to which Google did not object.

Micheal Martin as enterprise minister at Google’s offices in Dublin in December 2005 (PA/Niall Carson)

A statement from the Fianna Fail leader’s party said a High Court order had been issued to force the multinational to hand over information in relation to the adverts.

A statement from Fianna Fail said: “The Tanaiste welcomes the granting of the High Court order today which will ensure that he receives all information pertaining to the false and misleading ads placed on the Google Ads platform earlier this year.

“The ads in question are completely unacceptable.

“The Tanaiste believes it is important that he took action in relation to these matters to ensure that these currently anonymous third parties will be held to account in relation to their efforts at promoting unregulated and dangerous financial products with potentially ruinous consequences to unsuspecting persons through linking these products to well known public figures such as the Tanaiste.

“Every citizen should be entitled to request and receive information relating to the bad actors behind these schemes.

“The Tanaiste also believes there is a significant onus on large tech companies, including Google, to do all they can to ensure their platforms and products are not weaponised by bad actors and scammers.

“He now awaits receipt of the relevant information from Google.”

Google did not respond to a request for comment.

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