Barry Shein (headshot)

What Should We Ask The President Of The World?

Barry Shein (headshot)

Barry Shein - photo via ICANN photos on Flickr (

We love getting interesting guests on the show. This week’s no different. We’ll be talking to the President of the World – Barry Shein.

Barry’s been involved in technology since before there was an Internet .. and he’s also the founder of the first commercial dial-up ISP on the planet.

Here’s a quick snippet from his bio:

Barry Shein is currently President and CEO of STD, Inc. which he founded (with two other principles) in 1989. STD’s (Software Tool &
Die) primary service is The World (, an ISP, generally regarded to have been the first commercial dial-up ISP on
the planet in October 1989.

Previous to founding The World he was a manager (and first employee) of the Distributed Systems Group at Boston University which installed
and managed most of the university’s non-IBM mainframe computing and networking environment including the university’s first internet

Barry Shein served on the Usenix board of directors for two terms 1990-1994, and the Sun Microsystems User Group board of directors also
two terms, 1987-1991.

He taught computer science courses for several years at Boston University as a lecturer, and by invitation at Harvard’s John
F. Kennedy School of Government on “Politics and the Internet” in 1995.

Mr Shein has published many articles on both computing and networking topics including a chapter on network applications development in “The
Internet Systems Handbook” (Dan Lynch, Marshall T. Rose, editors), the creation of the NFSSTONES network file system benchmark (Usenix), and
other scholarly and popular articles. Acknowledged for contributions in popular books by Doug Comer, John S. Quarterman, and Paul Graham. A
representative list of publications can be found on his home page.

He has a B.Sc. from Cornell University and a M.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Boston University where he left ABD (“All But
Dissertation”) in 1988.


So what kind of things would you like us to ask Barry about?

Please let us know via the comments!

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