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Professor Muffy Calder OBE

UCC Lectures Kick Off Boole Bicentenary Celebrations

2015 is the bicentenary of George Boole, first professor of mathematics at University College Cork and forefather of the Information Age. UCC is beginning a year of celebration with the George Boole 200 Inaugural Lectures on the 5th February, 6pm. Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli of the University of California Berkeley and Professor Muffy Calder OBE of the University of Glasgow will speak […]

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Computer Code In Movies & TV Shows

Films and TV shows often feature computers. Some of the computers display code on the screen, but is the code real? What would the code actually do? Well some people have gone to the trouble of checking it out in detail and, of course, there’s a blog dedicated to collecting it  You’ll find screenshots and […]

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Celebrities Promote The Hour of Code

“Everybody in this country should learn how to programme a computer”, says Steve Jobs in this video from Code.org, a US non-profit “devoted to the vision that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn how to code”.  It’s a clip from a 90s TV interview with a younger Jobs, but most […]

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Barry Shein (headshot)

What Should We Ask The President Of The World?

We love getting interesting guests on the show. This week’s no different. We’ll be talking to the President of the World – Barry Shein. Barry’s been involved in technology since before there was an Internet .. and he’s also the founder of the first commercial dial-up ISP on the planet. Here’s a quick snippet from […]

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