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Colm Ó Snodaigh

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When Conn and I were working on putting the podcast show together one of the things we spent quite a bit of time talking about was music. What music could we use for the intro? We needed a tune that would be the show’s “signature”.

After some discussion we settled on using a track from Irish group Kíla, as I felt that they had the right combination for us.


But you can’t simply grab a track and shove it into a podcast. We had to get Kíla‘s permission. Although I’d met the guys years ago backstage in the Everyman I hadn’t had any direct contact with them since. Fortunately Ireland’s a small country, so Turlough from Point Blank was able to put me in touch with Colm.

A couple of emails later and we’d chosen a track – “Her Royal Waggeldy Toes” and sorted out all the rights etc.,

So if you like the music (or hate it!) now you know who it is!

Big thanks to Colm and Kíla


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