Swams and Ducks swimming through Cong

‘Congregation 2014’ is Calling – A Podcast with Eoin Kennedy [Audio]

Swams and Ducks swimming through Cong

Eoin Kennedy joins us on today’s podcast. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 9:59; 6MB; MP3.

Eoin is the organiser of CONGregation, the one-day ‘un-conference’ on social media held in the quiet and lovely village of Cong, County Mayo, now in its second year.

Technology.ie went along to the inaugural CONGregation last year and we found it to be an extraordinarily intimate and stimulating gathering. It’s organised in the spirit of participation: you can’t be a passive attendee. In fact, as Eoin explains, you can’t even buy a ticket.

“The way that you get a ticket is you produce a blog post on a topic that you’d like to discuss … Once you produce that blog post, we upload it on to congregation.ie and that’s your ticket for the day”

“Rather than a conference where you have four speakers and 200 people in a room, this is an event with 50 attendees and 50 speakers. We break it up so that everyone speaks on the day and the way that we do it is we use the concept of a huddle. So everyone arrives and gets registered, and then we send them off to the different venues around the town. Each venue has a Chair and at each venue 2 people volunteer to present; they present for about 15 minutes, followed by discussion and questions afterwards. Then at the end of the hour we give people enough time to network and then we rotate people to another venue and they meet ten new people”.

Submissions should be about 600 words and fall into one of the following themes: Research, How to, Social Story, or Social Media Rant. Specifications can be found on the website at congregation.ie, where the posts already submitted can also be read. The deadline for submissions is November 27.

This year Blacknight is a sponsor of CONGregation.

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