‘Drunk Mode’ App Stops You Making a Bloody Fool of Yourself

drunkmode5Why is it that things we’d never dream about doing in the cold light of day suddenly seem like excellent ideas at 2am, after a night out, with some alcohol on board.

OK it’s a rhetorical question, we know exactly why that is; yet it doesn’t stop many of us from doing – and especially saying – things we later regret.

If only there was a way for Dr Jekyll to lock up the communication tools and keep them away from Mr Hyde until the danger has passed.

Drunk Mode is like Airplane Mode, but possibly more important. Before engaging with mood altering substances, a user can choose to enable Drunk Mode on their phones for a pre-set time, ranging from 3 hours to 12.

While in Drunk Mode, the phone will block access to the users contacts, block apps such as Facebook and Snapchat, text you with reminders not to call your ex, and use GPS to help you not to get lost and separated from your friends. A feature called ‘breadcrumbs’ will show you a map the next day, to help fill in the gaps in your memory.

If you decide to head home early and want to turn off Drunk Mode, you can do so, but only after solving a mathematics problem to test your sobriety!

Drunk Mode is available for iPhone and Android.



HT: The Telegraph

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