It’s good to be humble – free ebooks!

Disclaimer: The ebooks aren’t free they are what you want to pay for them and how you split up the payment is up to you humble / authors / charity

If you’re an 80’s kid and from Ireland chances are you’re a bit like me. For many years it was bog 1 and bog 2 on the telly and you can call me “the remote” . See what’s on one … no go back to two …

Saturday though was a big night at least for me. There was generally some great TV on. Star Trek the Next Generation OMG cutting edge sci fi. You’ll probably remember Wesley Crusher from the show the annoying smarmy kid? at least that’s how I found him I was 8 or 9 forgive me. (Now you’ll probably know him as Wil Wheaton arch nemesis of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) Well moving along to my point and what I think is the second? humble bundle of ebooks is out and if you pay above the average you’ll get Wil’s book “Just a Geek”. The first chapter of all the books are on there as well so go check it out 🙂

The other books in the bundle seem rather cool as well I’ve not checked them out just yet. (one seems to have been nominated for a hugo award and another won one).  Technology it’s great isn’t it 🙂

Wesley Crusher

Wesley Crusher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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