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Video thumbnail for youtube video New track from Philip Selway - Coming up for air

New track from Philip Selway – Coming up for air

What makes this a technology piece? I could say something about embracing YouTube to get your music video out there. Really what fascinates me about this is the look into techniques used for older movies give the video a watch. [youtube][/youtube] Philip Selway in case you didn’t know is the drummer for Radiohead. Did I […]

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Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

When you think about design you’ll probably think along the lines of PhotoShop / Illustrator and all the other expensive packages built with a specific purpose but here you can see just what you can do with MS Word. The guy has some pretty amazing Word Design skills. Maybe the next time someone says they […]

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Full Screen Mario

Super Mario Bros. online you say….

Truth be told I never played this game as a kid that doesn’t however stop me loving the fact that they’ve done a HTML5 remake of it complete with music. Head on over to (You’ll need the Chrome Browser or similar )    

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Grand Theft Auto a first look at the game play

I’m one of those people who played the original Grand Theft Auto when it was first released and it blew me away. Top down viewing but … Anyways it looks like the first trailer of actual game play from the new game GTA5 it out [youtube][/youtube] I am in awe. The scale of these type […]

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Facebook updates in real life

I think it’s safe to say if you use Facebook you’ll have seen big changes hit your account every few months and at times you’re left wondering why you bother to continue ( probably cus all your friends are using it ) This video sums up pretty nicely how it is in real life 🙂 […]

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Squishy Using HashTags

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Well Facebook was a bit of a flutter yesterday,  at least in my stream, with people wondering why there were so many hash tags around. I assumed people were cross-posting from twitter to facebook, but no it’s not that. Facebook have gone the way of Twitter and Instagram and quite possibly numerous other services and […]

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The IEDR are at it again – OPTIMISE

Yes it’s that time of the year and the IEDR have launched their OPTIMISE e-Commerce Webside Development Fund. If you’re an Irish SME or micro enterprise and you currently have a .ie web address and need professioanl help in developing your online presence then Apply now. That’s €150,000 worth of professional services up for grabs […]

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Origami Stroller

You want the ultimate geek pram?

You’re reading Pram and going what on earth this is isn’t it? Well I’m a relatively new dad so I end up getting links to things like this all the time. This stroller from a technology point of view sounds completely insane. I’m not even sure if Irish people call these things strollers? (it’s […]

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