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Twitter API Changes are coming

Changes are coming to the Twitter API

As per the title it seems like there are some pretty big changes coming to how you can use the Twitter API. A post over on the dev blog discusses them in more detail. You can read a breakdown of some of the changes over on Marco Arment’s blog. Interpreting some of Twitter’s API […]

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Facebook announces fake users

So what’s in the numbers. We’re constantly hearing about people buying fake followers on most of the social networks, you can head on over to the likes of and for you guessed it a fiver you’ll end up with someone getting you a load of new followers. Of course if you don’t know any […]

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Google Calculator

My kingdom for a calculator

While this is in no means ground breaking it’s a rather nice little feature. I’ve known for a long time that Google will do your sums for you. Head to and put in 20×10= hey presto it’ll throw the answer back to you. In general the answer is displayed for you before any potential […]

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Hello world!

Only just getting the site up and running and what could be better than to have the classic “Hello World” welcome text for the site. Putting in a bit of content to play with initially.

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