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NYPD Photo Hashtag Backfires

**** Warning: this post contains images depicting violence **** Inviting the public to share their experiences of your organisation can be a very effective use of social media. But the difference between social media and PR is that you don’t control the conversation, as the New York Police Department discovered when they encouraged people to tag photos using […]

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Twitter Claims 72% Of Followers Likely To Purchase

A couple of months ago Twitter finally made their “self-serve” advertising platform available to Irish and UK small businesses. We (Blacknight) have been using it a bit over the last couple of months and while we’re still very much in the “experiment” phase it’s been interesting to watch how it works. Of course advertising revenue […]

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The Top Social Brands of 2013

Here’s some more great research on social media for business by Social Bakers.  The #SociallyDevoted report is out for Q4, 2013, with Dutch Airline KLM topping the poll for customer service on social media.  Airlines in general are better at social media with a 76.4% response rate on Facebook compared with 59.4% average across all […]

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Vine Web Profiles Now Live

Twitter has launched “Vine on the Web”, which means that if you reserved your custom URL / profile it’s now live. The profile page of a user is quite similar to what we’re used to seeing with Twitter, in fact, most of the experience is similar. However there are differences. For example, while you can […]

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Facebook Suffering Service Issues

Facebook is currently suffering service issues. At the moment users are unable their status or “like” other users’ content You’ll get the rather unhelpful error message above if you try. More details over on Mashable     Related articles Facebook greets users with Monday morning error message (wtvr.com) It’s Not Just You – Facebook Won’t […]

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Twitter Is Filing For An IPO

Twitter is filing for an IPO https://twitter.com/twitter/status/378261932148416512 You can expect the tech’ news sites to explode with this one over the next few hours! You can also expect to see lots of people drawing parallels between Facebook’s IPO and Twitter’s. Expect to see plenty of analysis over the next few days. Expect to see predictions […]

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Squishy Using HashTags

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Well Facebook was a bit of a flutter yesterday,  at least in my stream, with people wondering why there were so many hash tags around. I assumed people were cross-posting from twitter to facebook, but no it’s not that. Facebook have gone the way of Twitter and Instagram and quite possibly numerous other services and […]

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Twitter Face Palm Moments

Big brands use Twitter and other social media outlets to engage and promote their products and services. While some might do a better job than others some of the bigger brands have had “face palm” moments over the last year or so. Some very big brands have had major issues on Twitter and this graphic […]

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