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NYPD Photo Hashtag Backfires

**** Warning: this post contains images depicting violence **** Inviting the public to share their experiences of your organisation can be a very effective use of social media. But the difference between social media and PR is that you don’t control the conversation, as the New York Police Department discovered when they encouraged people to tag photos using […]

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Follow Budget 2014 Via Twitter

If you want to find out both what the Irish 2014 budget has in store for you and what people think of it .. then why not follow it on Twitter? Following the hashtag #budget2014 will give you insights into both what the Irish government has planned and how people are perceiving it. Some of […]

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Twiznight is Trending!

“You’re Blacknight? You host my site!” “Cool! Tell me about your site!” Rory McEvoy was chatting on twitter one night when he decided to test his followers’ general knowledge.  The response surprised him, and gave him an idea. Now Rory runs Twiznight every Monday at 9:30pm.  Each quiz is sponsored and all the tweets feature […]

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Squishy Using HashTags

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Well Facebook was a bit of a flutter yesterday,  at least in my stream, with people wondering why there were so many hash tags around. I assumed people were cross-posting from twitter to facebook, but no it’s not that. Facebook have gone the way of Twitter and Instagram and quite possibly numerous other services and […]

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