Squishy Using HashTags

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Well Facebook was a bit of a flutter yesterday,  at least in my stream, with people wondering why there were so many hash tags around. I assumed people were cross-posting from twitter to facebook, but no it’s not that.

Facebook have gone the way of Twitter and Instagram and quite possibly numerous other services and have finally introduced #hashtags to facebook.

Doing a quick search for #hashtag throws up the following

Running a hashtag search in facebook

I’m not fully sure what type of impact it’s going to have long run. A possibly more useful search for #lego throws up the following

Hashtag search for lego

Of course it’s something I’ve tagged myself. I am however seeing lots more results.

I’m seeing lots of non English posts at the moment, so ultimately I’d like to be able to sort through them. I also wonder how long before the rest of Facebook’s massive user base start catching on and hashtags become a bit too spammy for my liking.

At least for now it seems like it might be good way for businesses to promote themselves and increase their exposure.

Clicking a Hashtag throws up the following

And here’s a picture of Squishy making use of one on his page will anyone new find him?

Squishy Using HashTags

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