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Colbert to Nerds: Relax! New Lightsaber is Cool

So at last there’s a trailer, giving us our first glimpse of Star Wars Episode VII. There’s even a Lego version! But did you notice the new lightsabre with the sticky-outy bits? I sensed a disturbance in The Force, or on Twitter, at least. Toward a theory of lightsaber blade inflation: pic.twitter.com/TUh1yLB9wF — Forrest Wickman (@ForrestW) November […]

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Lego Version [Video]

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming release of Star Wars The Force Awakens was released on Friday. And essentially “broke the internet”. Since the trailer’s release Star Wars have been active producing memes, analysis of every frame of the trailer and plenty of fan art. Personally this poster is one of my favourites: (Source) […]

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Tableaux Lego: The Irish Online

Over at Forbairt.com, James Larkin appears to have kicked off a project with a life of its own.  Take a community of online personas – each with their own idiosyncrasies and traits – and create a scene in Lego depicting some of its better known members.  It’s like a portait. Not a ‘likeness’, obviously.  More like […]

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