Origami Stroller

You want the ultimate geek pram?

Origami Stroller

You’re reading Pram and going what on earth this is Technology.ie isn’t it? Well I’m a relatively new dad so I end up getting links to things like this all the time. This stroller from a technology point of view sounds completely insane. I’m not even sure if Irish people call these things strollers? (it’s what’s on their website though) I’m just going to go with pram but what do I know.

1 button touch and it opens and closes! EEK ( I’ve an engineer degree and the first time I got at our current pram I actually wondered if that degree was actually worth anything .. an hour or two later and many video tutorials I had finally figured things out .. until the next problem )

Self Charging ( it generates power while you walk … you can charge your phone )

It’s got running lights and pathway lights not that you should be keeping your baby out too late but wow

The LCD dashboard shows thermometer, speedometer, trip and lifetime odometers.

So if this sounds like the kinda thing you need you can head on over to http://www.4moms.com/origami and see more 🙂 No idea if they ship outside of the US though I’m afraid to say.

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