Penneys is Ireland’s Top Brand on Facebook, but 26% of its Fans are Abroad

logo-socialbakers350Penneys is the top brand among Irish Facebook users with 442,740 fans in Ireland according to the latest report from Social Bakers which tracks social media performance of brands and breaks it down by country, sector and other factors.

Interestingly, the Penneys Ireland page has an additional 159,000 fans in countries other than Ireland, accounting for about 26% of its Facebook followers. It’s interesting because the name Penneys is virtually unknown outside Ireland. Although it is an Irish-based company, Penneys trades under the name Primark in other countries including the UK, Spain and Portugal.

The Irish page is specifically branded as Penneys Ireland. A separate page for Primark has over 3 millions fans.

Other Irish-only brands performing well include Lidl Ireland and Lyons Tea, whose 255,663 fans in Ireland account for 93% of its total.

Unsurprisingly, TheJournal.ie tops the list of Irish media pages on Facebook with 231,884 fans; radio station Spin 1038 is in second place with 223,312. Keogh’s Farm is number one for Post Engagement with a 4.27% average engagement per post. UPC Ireland is the most “socially devoted” brand on Facebook, with an average response time to consumer queries of 225 minutes.

There’s a wealth of detail in the Social Bakers data: unsurprisingly they provide even more information if you log in with your Facebook ID!

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