Reserve Your Profile URL on Vine

Vine is now offering users the option to reserve their profile URL. So you’ll soon be able to direct people to a simple web address such as instead of the current quite random looking one.

It’s not 100% clear when the web profiles will go live, but if you are a Vine user, or plan to be, then you should reserve your profile now.


Unfortunately you need to have been a Vine user for 30 days and have at least two posts in order to qualify:


If you do meet the criteria you’ll be able to reserve your preferred username / URL immediately but be careful when you’re creating it, as you won’t be able to change it later. The service will attempt to pre-populate the forms based on your current profile, so you might need to edit and tweak it before accepting the new profile.

For example, with me it tried to use my full first name and last name, whereas I tend to use “mneylon” as my profile URL on most services:



Thanks to Krishna for her helpful post on this.

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