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Snowden Joins Twitter – Internet Explodes!

Edward Snowden joined Twitter today Can you hear me now? — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) September 29, 2015 and was immediately granted a verified account. The guys over at Radix must be delighted, as his profile link points to a .press domain  – freedom.press And he’s already poking fun at the NSA: Meanwhile, a thousand people […]

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Social Media and the Super Moon Eclipse

Last night’s lunar eclipse was all over over social media feeds this morning. The eclipse coincided with the moon at perigee – its closest distance from earth, making it appear up to 14% larger in diameter. The coincidence of supermoon (perigee) and blood-red eclipse last occurred in 1982, making last night’s occurrence a spectacular event, with unusually clear […]

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Connor Keppel, Phorest

“Little Bits of Automated Magic” – Podcast with Connor Keppel of Phorest [Audio]

Connor Keppel is head of marketing at Phorest, and our guest on today’s podcast. Click on the player above to listen to the show, or download it here: 26:25; 15MB; MP3. Phorest makes CRM software for hair salons, scheduling appointments and providing “little bits of automated magic”, like mailing customers afterwards inviting them to rate the […]

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Ipsos MRBI The Politics of Social Media

Which Voters Are More Likely To Be On Twitter?

As we’ve mentioned in the past social media is playing an ever important role in politics, both nationally and internationally. The latest research from Ipsos MRBI looks at voters, the parties they support and how many have Twitter accounts: It indicates that Labour voters are most likely to report Twitter account ownership and that they […]

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It’s #FoodFriday on Twitter!

It’s #FoodFriday on Twitter today, all over Europe. In Ireland more than 30 Irish restaurants and foodies are taking part in and it is already trending. Today you can interact with over 300 chefs, restaurants and foodies taking part to share your food passions, discover new places and recipes and get inspired. This morning, restaurants and chefs will give exclusive behind-the-scenes tours […]

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