TOR for Newbies: How and Why to Use it [Infographic]

There’s a lot of talk about privacy at the moment, and the use of encryption tools by individuals and organisations. UK prime minister David Cameron thinks that no-one should have privacy, while many people believe that strong encryption is a critical tool, both for democracy and for business.

There are many others who feel ill-informed and ill-equipped on the subject. The facade of privacy has been well and truly removed by recent revelations, yet many people don’t know the first thing about how to take practical steps to reclaim their privacy.

Even for advocates and experts in the field, establishing secure channels can be a challenge. But anyone who is serious about using the internet should begin to take steps to educate themselves about the technologies involved.

One of the most essential privacy tools is Tor, the anonymity network. And getting started with it is easy, as this Infographic by Quality Nonsense Ltd shows.

TOR for Newbies: How and Why to Use it

TOR For Newbies: How & Why To Use It [Infographic] by the team at Quality Nonsense Ltd


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