What Are You Worth to Twitter?

The man from Del Monte says Tweet-Tweet!So Twitter’s first day on Wall Street has come to a close.  For a company that has yet to make a profit, they couldn’t have asked for a better IPO, but starting today they will dance to a different tune of shareholder and analyst expectations.

So what exactly is this value that investors scrambled to get a piece of yesterday?  It’s you!

Twitter is nothing without its users, but not all users are equal in value.  Time.com has done the maths and come up with a calculator which works out how much each twitter user contributes to the company’s market capitalisation of about $24 billion.  I have about 2000 followers but I’m a relatively infrequent tweeter, so Time reckons I’m worth just $151.

On the other hand, Michele has over twice the followers and 15 times more tweets.  Despite me joining Twitter almost a year before him, Time says he’s worth $5,911.

Of course it’s just for fun, and Michele needn’t expect a check in the post any time soon.  But maybe they might give him a few shares?  No? Ah – go on!


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  1. Conn Ó Muíneacháin November 8, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    Not sure, but luckily FB stock is up. Maybe you should ask them? 🙂


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