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Evan Williams Makes $1bn in 30 Minutes

Twitter stock has surged almost 75% in the opening minutes of trading on the New York Stock Exchange reaching .  The Telegraph published a table showing how this affects the company’s major investors.  Former CEO Evan Williams, who pivoted Odeo into Twitter after abandoning their original podcasting product, just made 1 billion dollars. Related articles […]

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Twitter Tweets its IPO Price

Twitter will be floated on the New York Stock Exchange today in an Initial Public Offering of 70 million shares priced at €26. The IPO price was announced last night, appropriately enough on the company’s own platform, with a tweet: https://twitter.com/twitter/status/398235511254298624 They overcame the 140 character restriction by tweeting an image of the announcement.  Just […]

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Twitter Is Filing For An IPO

Twitter is filing for an IPO https://twitter.com/twitter/status/378261932148416512 You can expect the tech’ news sites to explode with this one over the next few hours! You can also expect to see lots of people drawing parallels between Facebook’s IPO and Twitter’s. Expect to see plenty of analysis over the next few days. Expect to see predictions […]

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State of social media 2012 month by month

Social Media In 2012

2012 was an interesting year with Instagram being acquired by Facebook, Psy exploding on the music / video scene (and all the parodies that followed), Facebook had their IPO and so much more. Here’s a nice graphic from The SEO Company that sums it up month by month So does anyone have any predictions for […]

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File It In The Shredder [Podcast #29]

This week’s guest is Francesco Cetraro of Afilias.  From their headquarters in Dublin, Afilias run top level domains such as .info and .mobi and also provide the GoMobi mobile website builder tools (currently available on a 30-day free trial from Blacknight!) For this podcast, Francesco joins us from his home in Sweden, with Michele in Carlow […]

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Paul Savage

Another Arrow in the Linux Quiver [Podcast #28]

Our guest this week is Paul Savage, SEO expert and Irishman abroad.  Paul lives and works in Munich, where he runs BlackDog.ie, an SEO consultancy business.  He’s a regular listener to technology.ie and after a twitter exchange with Michele he agreed to come on the show this week for a chat about Search Engine Optimisation. […]

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