File It In The Shredder [Podcast #29]

A paper shredder

A paper shredder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week’s guest is Francesco Cetraro of Afilias.  From their headquarters in Dublin, Afilias run top level domains such as .info and .mobi and also provide the GoMobi mobile website builder tools (currently available on a 30-day free trial from Blacknight!)

For this podcast, Francesco joins us from his home in Sweden, with Michele in Carlow and Conn in the studio.  Thanks Skype!  There is a regrettable amount of adolescent sniggering on this week’s episode, but it’s hard to blame us with the news that has been registered along with the names of  several of Ireland’s political parties.  On a serious note, we view at as a symptom of Ireland’s failure to engage with the internet at an official level.

Heard about the newspapers who wanted to charge people for linking to their content?  No, really!  You couldn’t make it up.

Tesla was cool – Edison was a douche!  And we talked about the Facebook IPO too! is brought to you by Blacknight, Ireland’s largest provider of domains

and hosting.  Now you can register domains up to 10 years! They’ve also got a special offer on .be domains.

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