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The Hit Team Fights Back Against Revenge Porn [Audio]

2014 was the year in which the loss of online privacy became a painful reality for some celebrities, as well as many not so well known victims of ‘revenge porn’. Many people believe that there’s no way to combat this kind of unwanted exposure: once intimate pictures or videos have been published there’s nothing that can be done. […]

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Exception to Copyright Law Allows Cultural Institutions to Digitise ‘Orphan Works’

The Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English TD has welcomed the introduction of an exception to copyright law that will allow cultural institutions in the State to digitise certain works in their collections where the identity of the owner or owners is unknown and which are therefore referred to as “orphan” works. Up until […]

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Celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra) looking to a camera. (Stock Photo)

Who Made Wikipedia the Judge on ‘Monkey Selfie’ Copyright?

If a monkey picks up your camera and takes a selfie: who owns the copyright? Well, clearly not the monkey. Everyone agrees that a monkey is not a person under the law, and cannot ‘own’ property – intellectual or otherwise. Many would agree with photographer David Slater, who travelled to the habitat of the Crested Black Macaque in Indonesia on […]

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Professor Steve Hedley

Copyright Forum Part 3: Prof Steve Hedley [Video]

Professor Steve Hedley is the third member of the Copyright Review Committee and he takes us through the final part of their presentation at the Royal Irish Academy on Monday, after presentations by Eoin O’Dell and Patricia McGovern. [youtube]http://youtu.be/OJlOKlJa3oY[/youtube] This presentation outlines in detail the proposed exceptions allowing copying and format-shifting for private use, as well as […]

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Patricia McGovern

Copyright Forum Part 2: Ms Patrica McGovern [Video]

Patricia McGovern takes up the baton from Eoin O’Dell, as they present the report of the Copyright Review Committee last Monday at the Royal Irish Academy. Ms McGovern discusses the committee’s recommendations for the Controller of Intellectual Property, and for Intellectual Property tracks in the District and Circuit Courts.  She outlines the recommended measures relating […]

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Public Forum on Copyright is a Box-Office Hit!

It was barely promoted; indeed it was hardly mentioned since the Copyright Review Committee Report was announced over two months ago.  But the Public Forum on the Report, to be held next Monday at 5pm at the Royal Irish Academy, is all booked out. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation have confirmed to technology.ie that […]

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