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You Can Forget Uber – but How Do You Make Sure They Forget You?

Lawyer Simon McGarr blogs at Tuppenceworth.ie, mostly about current affairs in general, and digital rights in particular. In the light of recent controversy about Uber, some people have chosen to boycott the service, and delete the app from their phones. But as Simon points out, while you may choose to forget Uber, they may not necessarily forget about you, unless […]

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The Day We Fight Back in Galway

Tomorrow is billed as ‘The Day We Fight Back‘, against online surveilance. Michele has blogged about it earlier. It’s something we support here at Technology.ie because we believe that the erosion of trust caused by unchecked surveillance jeopardises the freedom and prosperity which is the promise of technology. If you are in Galway, there’s an information […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Fight for Your Right to Fix Your Stuff

Fight for Your Right to Fix Your Stuff

[youtube]http://youtu.be/8HU4Z3Cj7J4[/youtube] Yesterday being Guy Fawkes day, iFixit .com and the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced a campaign “to empower technology users (AKA everyone) to take their digital stuff back from government interlopers and corporate money mongers.” What are we reclaiming? Common sense and fair use. iFixit is fighting for your right to repair your stuff. And the EFF […]

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