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the day we fight back

Speak Out Against Mass Surveillance

On February 11th thousands of websites will join in an online protest against mass surveillance. If you’re reading this post directly on our site you’ll probably see the banner down the bottom of the page. What’s it all about? Watch this short video to get the background and some insights into it: If you’d like […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Fight for Your Right to Fix Your Stuff

Fight for Your Right to Fix Your Stuff

[youtube]http://youtu.be/8HU4Z3Cj7J4[/youtube] Yesterday being Guy Fawkes day, iFixit .com and the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced a campaign “to empower technology users (AKA everyone) to take their digital stuff back from government interlopers and corporate money mongers.” What are we reclaiming? Common sense and fair use. iFixit is fighting for your right to repair your stuff. And the EFF […]

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Declaration Of Internet Freedom

In the past few days several well known internet companies and thought leaders have launched the “Declaration of Internet Freedom“. Rather than try to explain it here’s the actual text which I think speaks for itself: Declaration We stand for a free and open Internet. We support transparent and participatory processes for making Internet policy […]

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