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Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Boys Need to Learn Early On to Show Total Respect for All Women – Tim Berners Lee

World Wide Web Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has spoken out about the Internet culture of misogyny which has seen abuse, shaming, doxing and threats to the physical safety of women involved in online discourse. Sir Tim was taking part in a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything chat yesterday to launch maketechhuman, a new joint initiative from WIRED and Nokia, created to […]

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The Real Satoshi Nakamoto says: “I’m not Dorian”

As expected, Newsweek’s claim to have identified the founder of Bitcoin, turned into a media frenzy yesterday, with an OJ-style paparazzi car chase and a storm of online criticism of the actions of the professional media, in particular Newsweek, and the story’s author Leah McGrath Goodman. Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen posted an open comment […]

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the day we fight back

Speak Out Against Mass Surveillance

On February 11th thousands of websites will join in an online protest against mass surveillance. If you’re reading this post directly on our site you’ll probably see the banner down the bottom of the page. What’s it all about? Watch this short video to get the background and some insights into it: If you’d like […]

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Obama On Reddit – WOW!

President Barack Obama, the President of the United States, is currently taking questions over on Reddit. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t react to this with a simple “wow”. There. I’ve reacted. TheNextWeb has the lowdown on what he’s doing. For a politician to go onto a site like Reddit is one thing […]

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