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APWG eCrime 2015 Conference to Explore Crime Threat to Cryptocurrencies [Audio]

APWG, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, is the worldwide coalition unifying the global response to cybercrime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors. Originally begun in the US, its European Foundation was recently established, and will receive a special focus this month when the organisation holds the eCrime 2015 Symposium on Electronic Crime Research, in Barcelona. Foy Shiver is Deputy Secretary-General of APWG, […]

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Gaelcoin Interview: a Cryptocurrency for Ireland [Audio]

Antonie Geerts is one of the founders of Gaelcoin, a new cryptocurrency with an Irish flavour, and he is our guest on today’s podcast (19:48, 11MB, MP3). Gaelcoin is based on Bitcoin, and limited to a total of 650 million coins.  1% have been ‘pre-mined’ and are being distributed free of charge to “Irish people”. […]

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The Real Satoshi Nakamoto says: “I’m not Dorian”

As expected, Newsweek’s claim to have identified the founder of Bitcoin, turned into a media frenzy yesterday, with an OJ-style paparazzi car chase and a storm of online criticism of the actions of the professional media, in particular Newsweek, and the story’s author Leah McGrath Goodman. Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen posted an open comment […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Taiwan says no to Bitcoin ATMs

Taiwan says No to Bitcoin ATMs

Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commision says it will not allow the installation of Bitcoin ATMs.  FSC chairman Tseng Ming-chung is quoted by Techcrunch as saying that Bitcoin is not a currency and should not be used for payment. On Thursday, Techcrunch had reported that Bitcoin ATM supplier Robocoin was planning to target Taiwan and Hong Kong this […]

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Bitcoin – Collapse or Correction?

  Here’s a chart from Mt Gox, a Bitcoin exchange, showing Bitcoin’s value for the past month. Following a spike which saw Bitcoins trade for over $1200, the price would appears to have stabilised at around $500 – $600 the value it has had for most of the past month. But throughout 2012, the crpytocurrency  […]

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Podcast with Gabriela Avram of 3DCamp

Here’s a bonus podcast for this week featuring Gabriela Avram, lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Limerick and one of the organisers of 3DCamp, which will be held on 25 May. In the spirit of BarCamp, 3Dcamp is open, inclusive and free to attend – it’s also very cool, with a focus on […]

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