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Museums and Galleries say No to Selfie Sticks

View image | gettyimages.com “Excuse me – would you mind taking our picture?” It’s a question you hear less often nowadays as the fashion for selfies has taken hold, and especially with the increasing use of ‘selfie sticks’ to extend the photographer’s reach and field of view. But it might be making a comeback as museums, galleries and other venues […]

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Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald TD meeting Paul Durrant, CEO ISPAI, today . Picture Credit: Department of Justice

ISP Association Warns Kids Against Provocative Selfies [Audio]

As the Hotline.ie service operated by the ISP Association of Ireland marks 15 years in operation, the head of that organisation has warned that ‘provocative’ or ‘cheeky’ images which are being generated by children themselves are being used by paedophiles online. Paul Durrant, CEO and General Manager of Hotline.ie, is our guest on today’s podcast. Click on the player above to listen to the show, […]

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Celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra) looking to a camera. (Stock Photo)

Who Made Wikipedia the Judge on ‘Monkey Selfie’ Copyright?

If a monkey picks up your camera and takes a selfie: who owns the copyright? Well, clearly not the monkey. Everyone agrees that a monkey is not a person under the law, and cannot ‘own’ property – intellectual or otherwise. Many would agree with photographer David Slater, who travelled to the habitat of the Crested Black Macaque in Indonesia on […]

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