Artist's rendering of Apple Campus Two, which is under construction

Apple ‘Juice’! Will New Apple Energy Subsidiary Sell to Consumers?

Apple has set up a new subsidiary company called Apple Energy LLC to manage the sale of surplus energy from its new headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Artist's rendering of Apple Campus Two, which is under construction. Apple Energy is a new subsidiary which could sell surplus solar power generated at the site.

Apple Campus 2, dubbed the ‘Spaceship’ for its futuristic architecture, is currently under construction (as we showed last week), and apparently on schedule to meet Tim Cooke’s promise that the company’s product announcement events for 2017 will be held at the new underground theatre on campus.

The new facility is designed to be self-sufficient in 100% renewable energy, generating power at its own on-site bio-gas plant, augmented with solar panels. But the thing about solar is that Apple may find itself with a surplus, especially at peak times. Companies with solar surpluses can sell that power back into the grid, but usually at wholesale prices.

By incorporating its own utility company, however, and signing up with the local energy regulator, its speculated that Apple will be able to get a better price for its surplus kilowatt-hours.

It’s unlikely that Apple would sell directly to consumers in the short term, but who knows? Perhaps, some day, dedicated Apple-fans will have an opportunity to charge their devices with Apple ‘juice’!

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