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google doodle for Spectrum and St George's day

ZX Spectrum Released 30 Years Ago Today

Conn and I are old enough to remember the ZX Spectrum, so Google’s “doodle” on Google UK this morning both brings back memories for me and makes me feel a little old 🙂 I remember picking up a secondhand ZX Spectrum 48k a couple of years after their initial release. It was a wonderful machine, […]

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Domino's Pizza logo

Dominos Get Clever With Audio

Dominos pizzas in the Netherlands have come up with an interesting way to help their delivery bike riders keep safe and also promote their brand. [youtube][/youtube] The word “lekker” means “tasty” or “nice” Related articles Domino’s Solution for Soundless Electric Scooters Is Rather Brilliant [VIDEO]( Domino’s Pizza Safe Sound, A Human-Made Engine Noise Installed on […]

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Cool Marketing From Belgium

I love innovative and fun marketing, so this video from a Belgian TV station really caught my eye. To give it a bit of context here’s their description of the video: To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an […]

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What Are This Week’s Hottest Stories In Technology?

Even though this week is “shorter”, as Monday was a holiday in many countries (including Ireland) it’s been a very busy week in technology news circles. The announced acquisition of Instagram by Facebook is probably the biggest story this week, but what other stories are people talking about? We’ll be recording this week’s podcast tomorrow […]

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