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BT Launches New Wi-Fi Extender Products as UK Sales of Wi-Fi Devices Hits 90m

BT Connected Home

BT has expanded its range of broadband and Wi-Fi extender products with the launch of the new Mini WiFi 500 Home Hotspot kit and the 11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 1200.

With more than 90 million Wi-Fi devices sold in the UK last year, tablets and Wi-Fi devices are becoming more commonplace in homes. Customers want to get online all around the home, including bedrooms and even in the bathroom.

However, Wi-Fi dead spots are a common issue causing frustration to consumers. BT’s latest range of connectivity products makes it easy for customers to overcome this problem and get Wi-Fi coverage all around their home, and even into the garden.

Erik Raphael, Director BT Devices and BT Wi-Fi, said: “In 2014 there was a growth of 17 per cent in the number of wi-fi devices sold in the UK. With the growth in fibre, customers are using their broadband more and more around the home to stream content, browse the web and play games.”

“Customers want to access wi-fi in every room of their house. We are continually looking to push the boundaries of new technology to give customers access to the best possible connection and fastest speeds, which is why we have launched the new 11ac Wi-Fi Extender and the Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot.

“We are also planning on expanding our range of wired broadband extenders in the very near future. We will be doubling the speed of our existing broadband extenders by launching a 1000Mbps powerline. This will again bring the very latest in technology into consumers’ homes.”

The new mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot uses powerline technology to enable customers to get a new wi-fi signal in any room of the house that has a power socket. It doesn’t require linking to an existing wi-fi signal so the hotspot is ideal for getting wi-fi to rooms further away from the main router and houses with thick walls.

An alternative for solving Wi-Fi issues is the new 11ac Wi-Fi Extender 1200, which boosts the signal further round the house improving your, making it perfect for using tablets and smartphones in different rooms. This is a single plug that is placed at the edge of the Wi-Fi router’s range in order to boost the signal.

These new Wi-Fi connectivity products follow on from the launch of BT’s first range in September 2013. for more information, visit BT Connected Home.


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