BUILTINCORK Seeks Feedback on Future Events

BUILTINCORK, the startup network for the southern city, has put out a call to its members, friends, and anyone in the wide community of startups and those who follow them, to let them know what kind of events they’d like to see on the programme in the months ahead.

BUILTINCORK logoBUILTINCORK was founded in 2015 by a bunch of people who were sick and tired of events in Cork that showed no true understanding of the challenges of starting a high growth technology startup. How you market, sell, grow and fund high growth startup businesses is pretty different from your average SME getting started and we felt that it was important that those of us who’d been there had an avenue to pass on that knowledge and experience to others.

These days BUILTINCORK has expanded to cover all sorts of digital and ecommerce businesses because let’s face it, the majority of startup businesses use technology in some fashion or another.

As we plan our activities for the rest of this year and into 2017, we wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and get some feedback on what YOU, the community would like to see more of, so we can plan accordingly. BUILTINCORK is completely volunteer led, with no funding, apart from a previous generous contribution from Microsoft Bizspark.

All interested parties are invited to contribute to the survey, and all submissions will be treated as confidential.

Organiser Donal Cahalane says the results are coming in, and some clear preferences are already emerging!


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