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First ever recording of dying brain suggests we may recall key life events

Scientists may be closer to answering an age-old question about what happens to the human brain as we die. Neuroscientists accidentally recorded a dying brain while they were using electroencephalography (EEG) to detect and treat seizures in an 87-year-old man and the patient suffered a heart attack. It was the first time ever that scientists […]

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Scientists develop robots the size of insects that flap their wings to fly

Researchers have developed insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings. The new technology, inspired by bees and other flying insects, means conventional motors and gears are no longer needed to fly the devices. It could pave the way for smaller, lighter and more effective, micro, flying robots for environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and use in […]

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Embargoed to 0001 Monday February 22 Undated generic photo of some peanuts. Children are to be given a little of what does them harm in the biggest trial of immunotherapy for peanut allergy conducted.

Study examines peanut allergy treatment for children

The younger that children with a peanut allergy are when exposed to controlled doses, the more effective the treatment may be at building a tolerance, research suggests. After two-and-a-half years, the majority of young children given the peanut protein were able to safely consume the equivalent of approximately 16 peanuts of daily treatment, the study […]

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